2CH 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope Scope Meter 8 bit logic analyzer 1GSa/s Sampling Rate GA1202CAL+232/ USB oscilloscope

2CH 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope Scope Meter 8 bit logic analyzer 1GSa/s Sampling Rate GA1202CAL+232/ USB oscilloscope
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USB PC Virtual Oscilloscope + Signal Generator + Logic Analyzers 40MHz 200MS/s




1.USB PC Virtual Oscilloscope

Excellent industrial design 1MM thickness of sheet metal shielded enclosure

Dual-channel input, maximum sampling rate 200M hz

Bandwidth of 40M, recommended input frequency range 1 ~ 30M hz

Original expansion modules can also have a logic analyzer and signal generator functions

Size small, somewhat portable, travel is a good helper

USB2.0 high speed data transfer, free charge

Math and FFT analysis of input channels

More than ten kinds of automatic measurement functions

User personalization memory function

Mouse control trigger level quickly trigger function settings

Optional black and white color scheme to facilitate the production of the report documents screenshot

English interface, support for XP ~ Win8 each family of operating systems

Channel 2 Channel
Bandwidth 40MHz
Single bandwidth DC to 40MHz
The maximum real-time sampling rate of 200MS / s
64K memory depth
Vertical resolution 8Bit
Impedance 1M/25pf
Voltage range 5V, can be extended by X10 pen to 50V, via X100 pen extended to 500V
Noise size 50mv 1v/div stalls
25mv 500mv/div stalls
10mv 200mv/div stalls
8mv 100mv/div stalls
4mv 50mv/div stalls
Vertical adjustable Yes
Input protection Diode clamping +14 kv electrostatic protection
With X-Y
Mode Auto Standard one-shot
Trigger Coupling AC AC coupling, DC DC-coupled
Triggering conditions trigger level + rising / falling edge trigger
Trigger Slope "+" / "-"
Trigger level adjustable Yes
Trigger Source CH1 CH2
Select the pre-trigger 0-100%
Choose a sample rate
Cursor measurements have
Fast Fourier transform algorithm, invert, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Cursor display time voltage
Automatic measurement content maximum, minimum, peak to peak, frequency, average, RMS, rise time, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, duty cycle
Power consumption <2 W
Weight <400g
Size 14cmX9cmX3cm
2.Signal Generator
Square wave, triangle wave, sine wave, PWM
Output amplitude: Software adjustable,output range-4V-+4 V
Output frequency: 1-20MHz (sine wave) continuously adjustable, PWM output frequency limit 20KHz
Output bandwidth:5MHz (sine wave)
Output bias:Software adjustable
The duty cycle: PWM output duty cycle software adjustable, 10% ladder
Size 10x4x2.5cm
3.Logic Analyzers
Number of channels 8 channels
Input level 3.3V/5V TTL / CMOS compatible logic levels
Max sampling rate 100MHz
Memory depth 32K per channel
Output bias Software adjustable
Size 10x4x2.5cm

Package include:

1 x New Dual Channel USB PC Virtual Oscilloscope 40MHz 200MS/s 2CH

1 x Signal Generator

1 x Logic Analyzers