Thailand Buddha, adornment, Sculpture, Buddha head ornaments, Southeast Asian style, resin crafts, home decor, buddhism figure

Thailand Buddha, adornment, Sculpture, Buddha head ornaments, Southeast Asian style, resin crafts, home decor, buddhism figure
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Printed LOGO:Can
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Size:44043 50 * 33.5 * 42CM








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1. I want to buy you a sale?

Alibaba we are doing wholesale, not retail

2. Your goods are wholesale how?

Pro, hello! US house house home crafts audience full of 500 dollars from the grant, 500 dollars charge 30 dollars packing charges. Wholesale all Logistics (you can specify, no we can help you find a reputable logistics) to pay the freight and logistics from mentioning the unity, wooden goods fee income 5 dollars per 500 dollars, and so on. Shipped within 48 hours after payment. Free registration House US House official website added a member to enjoy the lowest wholesale price, more favorable waiting for you to come and collect. Detailed consultation customer service!

3. Do you support your behalf?

For details, please consult our Investment Manager, QQ: 613036102

4. When can I contact you?

Our office hours are weekdays: 8: 30 am--5: 30pm Weekend: 9: 00 am-4: 30pm rest of the time a full-time customer service manager may direct telephone: 15355337383 cedar

5. About damaged product handling?

The company sold products is responsible for the whole, on the product packaging. We will strive to do our best, will try to find a reputable logistics companies and good communication, to ensure the safe arrival of goods. Product received damaged beyond repair, please shoot pictures to our customer service within 48 hours to confirm, we will archive reservations are handled as follows: each bear half loss, arrived at the next purchase the same amount of money companies adhering to the principle of win-win cooperation because the damage caused by the loss of both unilaterally if to bear, will remain difficult to achieve win-win. If all the customers bear, the client increases the cost and risk of procurement, can not maximize the value. If we assume the whole, it will increase the cost of products sold, it can not be sustainable to provide you with more low-cost high-quality products, one half of the risk for the current mature network operators unanimously approved treatment program! If you find it difficult to accept or want to set a cargo, please choose carefully, because you in the selection of suppliers but also when we choose our customers, we want to choose a long-term customer hand in hand with development.

6. With regard to imperfections how to deal with?

The company mostly handmade crafts, unable to meet the mechanical product is so perfect, so do not rule out individual products appear trachoma and subtle flaws, this is our own characteristics handicrafts! We give before your shipment has special quality inspection personnel inspection, picking, ensure perfect, if the pro who still have concerns, or can not tolerate the slightest flaw, please carefully next single!

7. With regard to color issues

All our products pictures and details of the plan are 100% real shot, but different light problems or computer monitor, there may be some color, is a normal phenomenon, I hope my friends understand, thank you!

8. On the question out of stock

The company has a separate official website, Taobao, Ali, physical stores, and other sales platforms, larger shipments every day, so there will be some products out of stock of the phenomenon, if you have a single product out of stock, we will You notice the first time. Because product updates faster, the stock of the product, single paragraph full 200 also accept custom

9. The question on wooden fees

The company\'s products mostly pottery, is fragile, it is charged 5 dollars wooden goods costs 500 dollars, 1,000 dollars charge 10 dollars, and so on

10. What do I pay when shipment

Since each product packaging are required 3-4 procedures, packaging is very cumbersome, under normal circumstances shipped within 48 hours after your payment, if there are special circumstances will promptly contact you. At the same time, we will try to improve efficiency and shorten the time. And strive in the shortest possible time for you the goods with good, timely delivery, hope parents who understand!

11. With regard to delivery methods

Yiwu cities and counties across the country are basically direct logistics, logistics choose when we will choose the nearest unloading point. Of course, you can also specify their own familiar logistics, logistics companies tell us the contact details and address. After delivery, we will inform you delivery time, order number, shipping department contact information.

12. With regard to product prices

We can not give you the lowest price, we can only give you the highest quality! We prefer to interpret the price for a while, I am not willing to apologize for the quality of life! If only for the pursuit of profit, can be achieved by reducing the cost of rapid sales purposes, but we are missing it is proud of the boutique. For commitment, we will not betray the interests of short-term future, we strive to uphold get more recognition and for the United States to follow, which is what we continue to advance the biggest motivation

13. With regard to the problem of return

First of all: Please also after you receive the goods, according to the order of your next check all the products in a timely manner to ensure that the number is correct.

A: If found less fat, more fat or wrong products, please contact us and we will review the delivery process in picking the first time, as indeed is our reason, we will take up their responsibilities.

C: If the commodity itself is relatively large defects, color and other problems, please take pictures to confirm, indeed the company\'s reasons, the Company will be responsible for refund or the next time you fill orders sent to you.

D: If you are not satisfied because of the subjective, imagined as a reason, not the actual product quality problems return, the company not and will not be accepted.

14. sell the product can change it?

Hello! Crafts in different other sectors, first of all we support mixed batch of the audience, a single paragraph from the grant can not have in stock. It will not become obsolete, does not expire, but the relationship between selling fast and slow, as well as to decide how much money issue, this is a game of their own flexible to deal with this thing, so sell this problem does not exist.

15. Your product is how their packaging?

We single product with bubble bag wrapped and then separate carton packaging, and then later a large carton packaging intact, then the outside wood reinforcement. Layers of packaging is to protect our products, these processes are packed by our professional chef to complete, you are responsible for is our own responsibility. So please believe us! Because the business is honesty, the only way to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

16. I do not trust your product, you can provide samples it?

Here we can take samples, but the price is the wholesale price of 2 samples doubly packaging fee and postage (when refund the difference back to a single), please do not ask me why the fare increase, sincere people know how to do business

17. To purchase or to your company site to showrooms to look like how?

Address: Zhejiang Yiwu Beidollars Road 407 network operators Yongjun Venture Building 722, Block C

Hall Address: Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City Area B on the fourth floor booth 9255.

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