5kV Voltage Meter Digital Led Display Voltmeter RK2672AM AC/DC Electrical Voltage Meter Withstanding Voltage Tester

5kV Voltage Meter Digital Led Display Voltmeter RK2672AM AC/DC Electrical Voltage Meter Withstanding Voltage Tester
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Oписание продукта

Pulse waveform testing scope: 60 or more ns (TH2141) or 200 ns (TH2141A)

 High voltage input input impedance 10 m. / / 3.3 pF

 Automatic trigger test

 4.3Inch TFT display

 In both Chinese and English menu

 Positive and negative voltage optional (TH2141A not)

 1kYou can choose (TH2141A no omega load)

 The front panel highest 6 kv high-voltage input peak voltage measurement (TH2141A maximum 2 kv ray strikes pulse voltage)

 Rear panel may be connected to the output signal oscilloscope observation parameters such as rise time

 Panel input channel can be measured after the highest voltage 24 v external pulse input signal, the input impedance of 1 m / 12 pf omega (TH2141A no)

With RS232C serial and USB DEVICE

On volume (mm): 215 (W) x 88 (H) x 335 (D)

Exterior volume (mm): 235 (W) x 105 (H) x 360 (D)

2 kg net weight


TH2141 / TH2141A Type pulse peak voltmeter brief introduction:

S current pulse high voltage test depends on the high pressure attenuation and the combination of the oscilloscope probe, and the accuracy is 5%; And some of the impact peak table test precision, testing range and test the signal bandwidth is very low.

TH2141Type pulse peak voltmeter and measure the highest 6 kv high voltage pulse, within the scope of testing signal peak voltage test accuracy of 1% .Is used to measure the impact of truncated after peak voltage, lightning impulse voltage, pulse coil tester (coil turn -to-turn pulse tester) peak voltage, etc.Can also be used for voltage pulse coil tester calibration and measurement, through the low voltage input terminal of a rear of a signal of peak value measurement.Compact volume and friendly interface, Simple operation, a new design concept, the company is one of the main force in the field of high voltage pulse measurement.Will be needed for various measure different peak value of pulse voltage correctly provide more accurate and simple measurement.

TH2141ALightning peak voltmeter, measurable maximum 2 kv lightning impulse voltage, within the scope of testing signal peak voltage test precision of 1%.


TH2141 / 41A Type pulse peak voltmeter is simple: automatic trigger test and friendly interface is simple to use

TH2141Measuring function in measuring interface be clear at a glance.4.3 inch TFT color screen with

In both Chinese and English menu interface operation, and panel key combination, quick and intuitive operation.



Can correctly measure the waveform is unable to correctly measure the waveform

TH2141 / 41A Type in a variety of pulse peak voltmeter function: a variety of signal input and output

TH2141In addition to high pressure test INPUT on the front panel, rear panel also equipped with INPUTIIINPUT channel, the INPUT channel can be INPUT peak voltage maximum of not more than 24 v signal peak value measurement. (TH2141A without the port)

INPUTIIInput channel can be connected directly to the oscilloscope probe, test the corresponding low voltage pulse signal, please like calibration oscilloscope probe calibration before use

When need to measure more than 6 kv peak voltage, can use a higher damping ratio of high pressure attenuation measurement probe directly enter the port.TH2141 attenuation ratio provided voltage setting, the user can freely set, set according to timing automatic display instrument measured peak Voltage.

After the instrument panel also provide after the high voltage pulse loss output SINGAL OUT. Output interface is compatible with the oscilloscope inputs, can put after TH2141 internal high pressure attenuation of signal output. User can use the signal into the oscilloscope And further to high voltage pulse signal parameters such as rise time, pulse width measurement.

TH2141 / A Type pulse peak voltmeter structure compact: the small and compact structure

High-performance high-pressure components to ensure that the attenuation of voltage reduction, low voltage shielded special peak sampling circuit.Realized high performance in such a compact volume, to facilit customers to Use, mobile, combination

TH2141 / A Type pulse peak voltmeter communication interface: provide RS232C and USB DEVICE interface

Two kinds of of ensuring the customers in the use of the instrument calibration pulse voltage signal can be automatically calibrated, also read data analysis.Easy to use a computer to control instrument and read the measured data of each time