1400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Boost Charge Controller 12V 24V apply for 800W 600W wind turbine generator +600W 400W solar panels

1400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Boost Charge Controller 12V 24V apply for 800W 600W wind turbine generator +600W 400W solar panels
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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator
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Model No.   
can purchase
Rated Power400W500W600W
MAX Power480W580W700W
Rated Voltage12V/24V12V/24V12V/24V
Star-up Wind speed1.3m/s1.3m/s1.3m/s
Cut-in wind speed (m/s)2.5 m/s2.5m/s2.5m/s
Rated Rotate12m/s13m/s13m/s
Safe wind speed<45m/s<45m/s<45m/s
G. Weight15.5 kg16.5kg17.5 kg
Diameter of blade0.46m0.48m0.5m
Moto TypeThree-phase permanent magnet alternator
Blades\' materialLithium alloy
Blades quantity10PC
Control systemelectromagnetism
speed adjustment modeautomatical wind angle
Operational temperature-40°C-80°C
Work humidity<90%
VAWTs offer a number of advantages over traditional horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWTs)
1: They are omni-directional and do not need to track the wind. This makes them much more reliable due to their not requiring a complex mechanism and motors to yaw the rotor and pitch the blades.
2: The gearbox of a VAWT takes much less fatigue than that of a HAWT. Should it be required, replacement is less costly and simpler, as the gearbox is easily accessible at ground level. This means that a crane or other large equipment is not needed at the site, reducing cost and impact on the environment. Motor and gearbox failures generally increase the operational and maintenance costs of HAWT wind farms both on and offshore.
3: VAWTs do not need to track the windto produce energy as they are omnidirectional; any claimed inefficiencies are in fact cancelled out by the VAWT\'s ability to take advantage of turbulent and gusty winds. Such winds are not harvested by HAWTs, and in fact cause accelerated fatigue for HAWTs.
4: VAWTs (4Navitas) can use a screw pile foundation, allowing a huge reduction in the carbon cost of an installation as well as a reduction in road transport of concrete during installation. They can be fully recycled at the end of the their life.
5: VAWT wings of the Darrieus type have a constant chord and so are easier to manufacture than the blades of a HAWT, which have a much more complex shape and structure.
6: VAWTs can be grouped more closely in wind farms, increasing the generated power per unit of land area.
7: VAWTs can be installed on a wind farm below the existing HAWTs; this will improve the efficiency (power output) of the existing farm.
Research at Caltech has also shown that a carefully designed wind farm using VAWTs can have an output power ten times that of a HAWT wind farm of the same size.
8: Widely used for new solar wind hybrid street light system, main features as follows:
1) Safe Design
Vertical blade design,Integrated molding, so there is no risk of a blade flying off, highly increasing the security.coefficient
2) 360 Degree Wind Available
Vertical wind turbine need not to track the wind. So it can adapt to all wind directions and wind speed. The efficiency of wind using is higher.
3) Super Quiet
Vertical wind turbine is much quiet than horizontal wind turbine. Spinning quietly, vertical is suitable for home use.
4) Beautiful Design
Vertical wind turbine is designed with beautiful curve. It is suitable to decorate the road or your roof.
5) Wide Application
Much less limitation to vertical wind turbine installing. Without the long blades, the vertical wind turbine can easily adapt to all kinds of environment. Especially suitable for Wind Solar Hybrid System !!!
9: Support color custom-made as long as your order quantity is more than 20pcs. 

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