DE2008 P VIP 180/0.8 E20.8 Osram projector lamp bulb For Optoma HD33 T766ST projector lamp bulb

DE2008 P VIP 180/0.8 E20.8 Osram projector lamp bulb For Optoma HD33 T766ST projector lamp bulb
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Product details:


Lamp model: SP.8KZ01GC01/ BL-FP230I


Power: p-vip 230/0.8 e20.8 (230W)


Work with: Optoma HD33 HD3300 HD3300X HD300X. etc


Lamp style: 100% New ORIGINAL BARE BULBS with best brightness 


Life expectancy: 3000 hrs


Delivery: 1-2 working days


Warranty: 180 days from get lamp


MOQ: 1 pc


100% new high quality, if you have any qustions, please feel free to contact us, have a nice life!




230 (1)230 (3)

Maintain the lamp life:

1. Switching power supply attention order.

Normally, when we turn on the projector, you should turn on the power first, and then press and hold the LAMP indicator in the projector\'s control panel until the green light does not blink. Shutdown can not directly cut off the power, but should first hold down the LAMP indicator until the green light does not flash, the projector cooling fan stops rotating, and finally cut off the power. So the right switch the projector\'s power supply on the life of the lamp and the projector\'s internal parts of the life of a great impact.

2. The switching interval should be around 5 minutes.

Because the projector\'s power supply using a proportional pulse width modulation method of the mains buck and voltage regulator, steady power processing, and in dealing with these links, the projector power supply using the power switch and the transformer will work in the higher Of the frequency, the switch in the frequent switching process will naturally appear a considerable loss of the switch, these losses will be transferred into the heat emitted out, so that the temperature inside the projector, plus the light bulb itself issued Heat gathered in the projector inside the small space, it will be easy to make the bulb explosion phenomenon. In addition, frequent switching power supply, but also on the projection lamp to produce a great impact on the current, the projection lamp will be very easy to damage. In order to avoid damage to these bulbs, we try not to switch the projector frequently, but also remember that after turning off the projector if you want to reboot, you must wait patient for about 5 minutes.

3. Don\'t work for more than four hours each time.

If the projector lamp for a long time to work, the projector\'s internal imaging system may emit a lot of heat, these heat will lead to the projector inside the rapid increase in temperature, because the projector lamp wall quartz under high temperature conditions will produce devitrification Phenomenon, resulting in white spots, so a lot of resistance to stop the light penetration, so that the local area of the abnormal temperature rise, and thus cause further expansion of the devitrified area, so that the brightness of the rapid decline, and is likely to lead to bulb explosion. Therefore, as far as possible we must pay attention to let the projector every time the work can not last more than four hours.


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