220V Hot Foil Stamping Machine Digital Foil Printer Plateless Hot Foil Printer on Plastic Leather Notebook Film Paper 3050A+

220V Hot Foil Stamping Machine Digital Foil Printer Plateless Hot Foil Printer on Plastic Leather Notebook Film Paper 3050A+
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1pc DC - PD32 High quality digital mini ribbon printer,digital satin ribbon printing
machine hot stamping foil printer
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2. Product Features:
2.1 Special for gift or flowers packaging design, it is simple and easy to use to design your own blessing at anytime and anywhere.
2.2 The machine is beautiful and its volume is small.
2.3 It can print artistic pattern, fonts or signs on the ribbon. 
2.4 It can print beautiful patterns on ribbon but also ensuring the ribbon still feeling soft when using specified metallic foil.
2.5 Support a variety of text editing software and graphic design software
(e.g.: Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Word). You can easily design your favorite pattern, trademarks and text on your own.
3.  Summary of General Security
3.1 Understand the following preventive measures on safety to avoid injuries and protect this product or any product connected with this product against damages. Read and know about all all instructions.
3.2 In order to avoid potential hazards, please be sure to use this product as specified. 
3.3 Read and understand all instructions. 
3.4 Pay attention to general knowledge about use of electronic equipment.  
3.5 Observe to all warnings and instructions marked on products or included in attached written materials. 
3.6 Use the power cable and power adapter equipped with the delivery of this product. 
3.7 Please don\'t operate this product in humid, high or low temperature environments. 
3.8 During the operation of printer, please don\'t touch the print head with hand.
3.9 Please don\'t operate the product in case the product is suspected for fault and ask qualified maintenance personnel to inspect it. 
3.10 Protect this product or any product connected with this product against damages.
3.11 Please don\'t put the printer on unstable box or table for serious loss will be caused in case of falling off. 
5.1 Common Faults
A. Host shows "Device Not Ready" 
Whether the USB communication line of printer is correctly connected to PC host?
Port of printer setting wrong position
B. Print head is dirty or broken 
During printing, the appearance of fixed vertical white line as shown in the following figure indicates that print head may be dirty or broken. 
Solution: turn off the power of printer and wipe the print head with cotton dipped with alcohol. Then check the adhesion of stains on cotton surface. If the cotton surface is dirty, continue to wipe until the cotton surface remains clean after being used to wipe the print head. If the white line mentioned above appears again after print head is wiped, the print head is indicated broken and shall be replaced. 
C. Appear straight vertical blank lines.
Possible reasons:
1.Printer head is polluted
2.Printer head is damaged
  1. Turn off the power of printer, then clean the printer head with cotton swab (or  cotton cloth) dipped with alcohol above 75% .
  2. Replacing the print head.
D. Appear defects points when printing
    1.Ribbon is polluted
    2.Color tape is not matched ribbon so well.
 1.Replace the clean ribbon.
2.Replace the matched ribbon or color tape.
5.2  Printer Maintenance
A. Cleaning of print head: 
Turn off the power of printer, turn over the print head, remove the ribbon and wipe the print head gently with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) dipped with a little cleaning fluid until the print head is clean, and then wipe the print head dry gently with a clean cotton swab.
B. Cleaning of rubber roller: 
After print head is cleaned, clean the rubber with cotton swab (or cotton cloth) dipped with alcohol above 75% . The method is to clean the roller while rotating it and then wipe it dry. The cleaning interval of above two steps is usually once every three days and it\'s better to be once a day if the printer is used frequently.