multifilament pe fishing line 16 Strands braided 500M hollowcore 20 500LBS thread line 0.20 2.0mm super saltwater fishing cords

multifilament pe fishing line 16 Strands braided 500M hollowcore 20 500LBS thread line 0.20 2.0mm super saltwater fishing cords
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About Laser Level :
Leveling Accuracy:Horizontal:±20\'\' Vertical:±20\'\' 
Leveling Range:±5°
Measuring Range:Diameter:500m(use the laser detector)
Spinning range:0,60,120,300,600r.p.m
Directional-scanning angle:0°,10°,45°,90°,180°
Slope adjusting range:±5°(Bi-directional)
Light source:Laser diode ,wavelength,635nm
Down point diode:±1mm/1.5m Wavelength:635nm
Remote controlling distance:Approximately 20m
Working Temperature:-20℃-50℃
Power supply:DC4.8-6V(rechargeable batteries)
Battery installment:
Rechargeable batteries available for this instrument.
(1)Take down the cover of battery case at the bottom of the instrument.
(2)Put the batteries into the case according to the right electrode.
(3)Lay the cover on the box,and then tightem all the screws.
Horizontal scanning:
Lay the instrument on the tripod or stable flat surface,or even hang it on the wall.set upright the instrument,and keep the slope of instrument within the range from -5° to +5°
Vertical scanning :
Lay the instrument on the flat surface,and keep the slope of instrument within the range from -5° to +5°
1.Press the key on/off to bring automatic into function when the power indicator lights.
2.when power indicator lights,it shows the the voltage of the batteries is insufficient .then the rechargeable batteries need to be charged.
3.Press the key ON/OFF again to switch off the instrument and power indicator will goes out.
Press the Key On/OFF to bring automatic leveling into function when the laser beam begins to wink.After automatic leveling,the laser module will rotate at the speed of 600r.p.m.
If the instrument is placed improperly,or the instrument exceeds the range of ±5°.at that moment mode indicator and the laser beam will wink together.then instrument properly.
Notice:the instrument will close down automatically after five minutes alarm.
Slope adjustment:
when the instrument is set upright to do horizontal scanning,the slope of X-axis and Y-axis can be setted.
Press the key manual/Automatic when mode indicator lights,the instrument enters the mode of manual leveling.
The remote control of the instrument adopts the infrared technique.
Aim the aperture of infrared ray to the instrument(as depicted below) to bring remote controlling into function (Available distance:indoor:30M;outdoor:20M)The keypad panel includes 9 keys;the indicator the RC will wink to show the operating signal has been sent out once pressing any key.
Utilities of panel:
(1) ON/OFF:Controlling the state of power.
(2) Power indicator:When it lights,the instrument is starting up.otherwise it is closing down.
(3)Mode in dicator:When it lights,the instrument is leveling manually.when it winks,it stays in alarm.(the slope of the instrument is out of range).
(4)Key of automatic drift system model:Warns the user for for a misaligned device
(5) Light of automatic drift system model:When the light is twinkling slowly,it is in Automatic drift system model.when the light is twinkling quickly,the laser level will not level.
(6)Speeding-up:Circling knob .speed of scanning includes 5-knots:0-60-120-300-6000r.p.m
(7)Directional scanning:Circling knob.angle of scanning includes 5 levels:0 -10° -45° -90° -180°
(8)Manual/Automatic:controlling the mode of leveling.
(9)Left-spinning:making the laser module step-move counter-clockwise,when the laser module is power off or it is scanning directionlly.
(10)Right-spinning:marking the laser module step-moveclockwise,when the laser module is power off or itis scanning directionally.
(11)X-axis;Adjusting the slope of X-axis,when the instrument stays in manual mode.
(12)Y-axis:Adjusting the slope of Y-axis,when the instrument in manual mode
Package include : 
1 x FRL-500HR Rotary Laser 
1 x Remote Control 
1 x Receiver 
1 x Bracket for Receiver 
1 x Target Plate 
1 x Laser Glasses 
1 x Battery Charger 
1 x User Manual