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Oписание продукта


digital t shirt printing machine industrial dtg printer with

free rip software 




1.dtg printer  t shirt printing machine print 3 t-shirt at the same time


2..HaiwnT1200 is direct to garment inkjet printer. It prints directly with amazing speed up to 120 light shirts or 36 dark shirts per hour, it can print also on:

light and dark colored textiles like: t-shirts, towels, jeans,aprons, bagsor else, with superb adhesion of ink. You can print beautiful full-color prints on any fabric faster and cheaper than on any other printer, or with other technologies like: thermo transfer or screen printing.

It is very easy to use and has a high profit return.


3.White Ink  
Haiwn\'s water based white ink was specially developed for printing on dark garments by creating a solid surface on the printing area before applying the CMYK inks.
This white layer is digitally applied directly onto the desired location on the garment, allowing to immediately applying the CMYK colors, wet-on-wet.

4.Ink System
Revolution in direct garment printing!
HaiwnT1200ink System is crucial for smooth day to day operation without losing ink or print head starvation and clogging. 
System is 100% vacuumed, so nooxidation and ink starvation is happening during the printing. 
No need for clogging filters, or expensive daily cleaning and printing unnecessary files to get the good printing conditions.
Ink is consistent Always, 100% automatic.
HaiwnT1200 adopts a brand new digital printing mode that can be used as the substitute of screen printing, and transfer printing.
It realizes color printing without plate making or repeated color register, while it is highly waterproof, 
wearing resistant. It offers higher printing quality than traditional method, simple operation and stable performance. 
Thus, it can completely meet batch production of large scale in various areas and improve the competitive power of products.





Specifications for haiwn-T1200


Print model Haiwn-T1200
Print size Max (400mm*1200mm)
Packing size 1620mm*800mm*740mm (W*L*H)
Specifications 1550mm*730mm*560mm(W*L*H)
Printing Method Ink-jet (Micro Piezo Head)
Net weight 200Kg
Gross weight 220kg
Print speed up to 120 light shirt/hr or up to 36 dark shirt/hr
Print head cleaning method automatic
Transmission mode USB2.0
Print resolution 2880dpi*1440dpi
Software Rip software
Material used  Cotton, polyester, silk...
Ink Water textile pigments: C, M, Y, K,4  Whites
Supply ink big capacity ink cartridge
Power AC220V/110V
Driver Win XP/7/10
Operating environment Temperature:10-35degree,Humidity:20-80%
Packing Wooden case

Notice :all printer order not contain ink ,if you need it ,you can buy it from our factory 

or local market .

1. Haiwn Textile printer only print on textiles like T-shirt? Can it also print on rigid materials, like phone
case,leather, acrylic, pen, etc..?
Haiwn printers are multi-functional printers :
By filling in textile ink, It can print on all kinds of textiles,such as cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, jeans,
etc...  after change to fill in eco solvent ink, the printer can also print on phone case, pen, guitar picks,
golf ball, leather, acrylic, etc.. 
2.In which colors textiles can be printed?
Textiles printer can print all kinds of colors textiles. 
3.Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating ?
No, only the black or dark color textiles need be sprayed a coating before printing.
4.How can we start to use the printer? 
We will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer.
Before use the machine,please read the manual and watch the teaching video and operate strictly as
the instructions.
We will also offer excellent service by providing free technical support online. 
5. what’s the printing cost?
Usually,1.25ml ink can support to print a A3 full size image.
Printing cost is very low.
6.how can i adjust the print height?
Haiwn printer installs infrared sensor so the printer can detect the height of printing objects
7.where can i buy the spare parts and inks?
Our factory also provide spare parts and inks,you can buy from our factory directly or other suppliers
in your local market.
8.what about maintenance of the printer?
About maintenance,we suggest to power on the printer once a day. 
If you don’t use the printer more than 3 days, please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put
in the protective cartridges on the printer (protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head).

Ps:The rip software is free for you! 

And if there is no special requirements,the printer will be shipped accoding to the

rated voltage of the buyer \'s country.if buyer have special request ,,please indicate 

the voltage  required in order message.

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Purchase Notice: 

1.If you don’t satisfied with our printer within 7 days after you received the printer,we can accept returning machines under the condition of

without use and don’t affect our secondary sales,but should inform the seller and achieve agreement in advance. We will refund only the

machine itself payment. The shipping cost back and forth shall be borne by the buyer.  


2.All of the machines had been test strictly before delivery.but we cannot absolute avoid the accidental damage in transit,if it caused any

question,please contact with us and cooperate with our service for maintenance.


3.We provide one year warranty:

Any parts (except print head ,ink pump and ink cartridges) questions on normal use, will provide new ones within one year (not includes

shipping cost). Beyond one year, only charge at cost .Haiwn offers excellent service and support. With an Haiwn printer you will receive

Teaching DVD, Manual, technical support on line.


4. Due to the machine in the application must use a special ink, for print head only guarantee good condition when buying, After using the

ink ,the nozzle blocking, pumps and accessories get corrosive , or the main board burned when cleaning nozzle in a wrong way, they are

not within the scope of free warranty.


5.we will send the manual and teaching video with the package of the printer,if you have any question during using this machine,we will

provide online technical support.

Please prepare a webcam to help our engineer to check.

We are the manufacture of printers,Through online checking and guidance,we can solve any questions. But the maintenance process needs

customers’ cooperation.


6.Maintenance without authorization and the guidance from our company, the buyer should undertake the responsibility.


7.The goods must be signed by the buyer itself. and before sign it, if you find the outer packaged is damaged, must take photos as proof and write

"the package is damaged during shipping" on the waybill and also open the package to check the printer in the front of the courier. If the printer

apperance is ok, we will arrange the technician to help checking online. If found the original package is replaced or total damaged, please refuse

to sign it.


8.Customs Clearance fees occurred in importing countries, such as import duties, etc., shall be borne by the buyers.