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Oписание продукта

[product inclusion]

1, lamp rack x 2pcs
2, Universal nylon single lamp head× 2pcs
3, high brightness reflective umbrella × 2pcs
4. No light bulb. If you need a light bulb, please contact me

[commodity details]
1. The lamp holder has a diameter of 23 mm and a working height of 810 mm - 2200 mm. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is exquisite and durable.
2, the lamp head is the E27 screw port, has the independent power supply switch, as well as the reflection umbrella special Jack, may match the E27 screw mouth energy saving light bulb;
The lamp can be bent, thrown, left and right, and rotated at any angle.
3. High - brightness reflective umbrella: outer white inner silver or outer black inner silver, 85 cm in diameter, with high reflective brightness and even and soft light.
4, this suit is suitable for shooting all kinds of requirements.






зонт белый
photography accessories
fotografie accessoires
зонт белый
accessori fotografia