Infrared No Lead Reflow Soldering Machine Infrared Heater Rework Station T962C Reflow Machine Intelligent Reflow Soldering Meter

Infrared No Lead Reflow Soldering Machine Infrared Heater Rework Station T962C Reflow Machine Intelligent Reflow Soldering Meter
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Oписание продукта


  • Model No.:DI3000

  • Brand name: KNOKOO

  • Temperature selection: 90 to 450C or 190 to 840F (5%).

  • Power: 75W -Safety transformer, mains separator and double isolation, with integrated temperature protection fuse.

  • Voltage: 100-230V

  • Input voltage: 100-230V

  • Output voltage:24V

  • Total weight of unit: 2.5Kg (6,25lbs).

  • Temp. increase time:3S

  • Soldering tips:C245/2245 series

  • Design:ESD safe

  • ESD protected housing "skin effect". Typical surface resistance: 105-1011Ohms/square.

  • Complies with CE standards on electricalsafety, electromagnetic compatibility andantistatic protection.

  • RoHS compliant.

  • Equipotential connector and the tool tip areconnected to station mains ground supply for ESD protection.

  • This product should not be thrown in thegarbage.


  • The exclusive heating system achieves an exceptional thermal recovery, which increases productivity, quality, reduces cost of ownership and ensures fast return on investment.

  • Adjusting temperature by digital display, intelligent lead free soldering stations

  • Unequalled thermal response. An excellent soldering tool features instant thermalresponse conceived by a high power/mass ratio.

  • A high power/mass ratio is being used to maintain the tips temperature as close as possible to the one selected on the control unit, even when thethermal load is significant.

  • This is the formula needed to perform high quality solder joints and avoid cold ones, protect the PCB that is being soldered and increase productivity.

  • "INTELLIGENT HEAT MANAGEMENT" The only time that a soldering tool should be at working temperature is when it is actually being used.

  • KNOKOO station identify if and how a tool is being used and depending on this switches the tool to one of the following modes with their respective temperatures:

  • Work mode: selected working temperature i.e.350C.

  • Sleep mode: during short periods of inactivity the tools temperature is being lowered to an intermediate temperature i.e. 220C.

  • Hibernation mode: During larger periods of inactivity i.e. 30 minutes, the tools power is being cut off and it cools down to room temperature.

  • The advantages of this heat management are significantly increased catridge life span and substantial energy savings which ensures low cost of ownership.

  • KNOKOO Tools save money by managing Heat efficiently saving energy, time and improving processes.


  • For use with Electronic component soldering especially suitable for soldering SMD, Solar product,LED products or other in-line components, and other lead-free products etc.

Temp. Setting Method

  • Press the button "Left" at first, then turn on the power

  • When the display show "***", please enter password"159" by pressing the button "up/down/right";

  • After finished entering, please press the button "left" to confirm

  • Then you can start to set the temperature as you required



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