Small Jewelry Box Portable Travel Jewelry Organizer with Mirror Leather Jewelry Storage Case Jewelry Display Drawers Box

Small Jewelry Box Portable Travel Jewelry Organizer with Mirror Leather Jewelry Storage Case Jewelry Display Drawers Box
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Creative 360 degree rotary drawer type desk top cosmetic storage box 

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Furniture maintenance cleaning tips

In daily life, housewives often to carry out cleaning and maintenance of furniture, to keep them bright. But you may not know that some errors in the cleaning and maintenance methods, although being able to have the furniture clean but actually to furniture caused harm to the potential, with the increase in the use of time, your furniture will appear unable to compensate for the problem.

The practical tactics

- clean cloth

Cleaning and maintenance of furniture
, must first determine the use of the cloth is clean. When clean or wipe dirt, must turn over or replaced with a clean cloth and then use. Do not be lazy and repeated use of the already dirty side, this will only make the dirt repeated in the furniture surface friction, it will damage the surface of the furniture of the light.

The selection of nursing agent

Want to maintain the original brightness of the furniture, the current furniture care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance of the two types of furniture products. The former mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire plastic material of furniture and jasmine and lemon two different fresh scent. The latter is suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, composite wood or the United States and other materials of the furniture, especially suitable for mixed materials furniture. Therefore, if the use of both cleaning, care and maintenance of products, they can save a lot of valuable time.

Nursing spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents prior to use, best first shake, then straight grip spray cans, is a 45 degree angle, let tank of liquid components in pressure state is completely released. After facing a dry cloth at a distance of about 15 cm of the place gently spray, so again to wipe the furniture, they can play a very good cleaning effect.

In addition, after the use of cloth, remember to wash and dry. As with a cloth material such as furniture, sofa, leisure cushion, cleaning and maintenance can be used to clean carpets. When in use, the dust suction vacuum cleaner, then a small amount of carpet cleaner sprayed on the wet wipe.

> four big mistakes

- wipe furniture, do not use coarse or not to wear old clothes when dishcloth

Best to use cloth towels, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth and absorbent to wipe furniture. Coarse cloth, thread cloth or sutures, button will cause the furniture surface scratching old clothes, you should try to avoid the use of.

Do not use a dry cloth to wipe the furniture surface dust

The dust is made up of fibers, sand, and silicon, and many people are used to cleaning the furniture surface with a dry cloth. In fact, these tiny particles in the friction rub, already damaged furniture paint. Although these scratches very little, or even the naked eye can not see, but with the passage of time, it will lead to furniture bleak rough surface, light is no longer.

Do not wash with soap water or detergent, Shimizu Shirai furniture

Soap, detergent and other cleaning products not only can not effectively remove accumulated in the dust on the surface of the furniture, also cannot remove polishing before silica sand particles, but also because they have a certain corrosive, which will damage the surface of furniture, make furniture paint becomes intense darkness without light.

At the same time, if the water penetration into the wood, will also cause the wood mildew or local deformation, shorten the service life. Now a lot of furniture is pressed into a fiber board machine, if there is water to penetrate into the first two years because of formaldehyde and other additives has not been completely volatile finished, not the general assembly. But once the volatilization of additives, wet moisture will triggered a moldy furniture, if the lower floors of households, home furniture is may Huangmei days each year "mildew" a field.

Here I would like to remind you that even though some furniture surface is piano paint coating, can use the proper water scrubbing, nor will a wet rag long time indwelling in the furniture surface, and to prevent ingress of moisture into the wood.

Furniture care spray wax can not be used to clean and maintain leather sofa

A lot of furniture care spray wax on the instructions that can be used for maintenance of leather sofa, resulting in a lot of housewives made a mistake. And the furniture store\'s sales staff know, furniture care spray wax can only be used to spray wood furniture surface, can not spray on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa actually is the animal skin, once the spray wax spray in the above will lead to plug the pores of leather products, after a considerable period of time, the leather will aging and shorten its service life.

In addition, some people in order to make the furniture look more shiny, some of the wax products directly on the furniture, or improper use, but will make the furniture on the surface with a fog like spots.

Repair a small scar

- remove paint on watermark

Let the wet paint cup on the table often will leave a circle of annoying watermarks, how to get rid of them quickly? You can in the desktop watermark spread with a clean damp cloth, then with the iron in the above to lower the temperature of the ironing so that they can penetrate the film evaporation of moisture, so that the watermark disappears.

However, the use of this method, the use of the cloth can not be too thin, the temperature of the iron can not be adjusted too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but the stigma can not be removed.

- eliminate paint furniture burned marks

If you are not careful, the surface of the wooden furniture is likely to leave a hot mark, do not panic, under normal circumstances, as long as the timely use of cloth to wipe off the. But if hot mark is too deep, you can with iodine gently wipe the above, or put Vaseline coated in the above, every other day, reoccupy soft cloth is wiped can eliminate hot trace.

Cleaning tips

The water cleaning method

Paint over the furniture stained with dust, can be wrapped with gauze slightly wet tea residue wipe, or with dry cloth dipped in cold tea, it will make the furniture especially bright and clean. But after cleaning the furniture with tea, remember to use a slightly damp cloth dipped in water to wipe the tea. Because there is often a tea, left on the paint surface will affect the original color of furniture.

The milk cleaning method

If the milk is out of date and can not drink, do not throw away, you can use it to maintain furniture. With a clean cloth to soak in the milk, and then use this cloth to wipe the table and other wooden furniture, remove dirt effect is very good. Finally, remember to rub it again, or there will be residual milk smell of milk. This method is applicable to a variety of leather, paint, marble, Baoli board furniture etc..

The beer cleaning method

Take 1400 ml ale boil, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, stir to mix well. When the mixture cools off, with a soft cloth dipped after polished wood, and besmirch wipe up after the re-use of water to clean the residue. Finally, with a soft dry cloth to wipe.

The white vinegar cleaning method

Use white vinegar and hot water in the ratio of 1:1 mixture to gently wipe furniture surface stains, if the stains are difficult to remove, let a little vinegar and water remain in the smear on the surface, then use a soft cloth rub. Because acetic acid can soften the dirt to make it out of the furniture surface. This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture, and other oil ink pollution after the furniture cleaning.

The lemon cleaning method

If polished or varnish wood, was inadvertently thermal burns very hot mark left, can be the first to use lemon slices, or dipped in lemon juice cloth wipe, and then soaked in hot water with a soft cloth wipe, and then dry with a soft cloth quickly dry, you can restore the original light.

The toothpaste cleaning method

White paint on the surface of the furniture, the day will be a long time, not only looks old, but also feel very fresh.

You can use cloth dipped in toothpaste or dentifrice gently deposited in the above, use toothpaste to bleaching, furniture paint colors can turn from yellow to white. But do not wipe the force of friction, because the friction agent in toothpaste dentifrice paint will wear off, will damage the furniture surface.

The egg cleaning method

Day for a long time, the home of the white leather sofa has a few dirt stubborn, people have a headache. At this time, you can take the right amount of egg white, with cotton dipped in, and repeatedly wipe the leather sofa leather products, such as the surface of a dirty place. This method is particularly effective for the cleaning of leather products, but also the egg white and a certain polishing effect, the use of leather will present the original luster.


Product name:
Cosmetics storage box

Volume / weight:

Product packaging

0.03 cubic / 6KG

21*28*36CM expansion size: 66*21*56CM

texture of material
Green pine high density board framework +E1 +NC environmental protection paint
Foam packaging + carton packaging
assembleThe packing is provided with a screwdriver, hand assembled, which can be assembled by many times.