Eyeglasses Frame Men Women Computer Optical Johnny Depp Glasses With Case&Box Vintage Spectacle Frame For Male Clear Lens QF163

Eyeglasses Frame Men Women Computer Optical Johnny Depp Glasses With Case&Box Vintage Spectacle Frame For Male Clear Lens QF163
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Oписание продукта

 Matching Glasses Steps: 
Step 1:Place the order of this products,and payment it.
Step 2: Provide the prescription information or doctor\'s paper to us.
Such as:
OD(Right Eye):SPH___;CYL___;AXIS____.
OS(Left Eye):SPH___;CYL___;AXIS_____.
PD(Pupillary distance):_____. 
If your prescription have "ADD",please pay for a pair progressive lenses extra fee again,and tell us how is your "ADD".
Step 3:Our optometrists to check information with you,please reply us as soon as possible.

Step 4:After confirm information,we began to Custom Glasses.

Step 5:We need 3~5 days to processing,once ready,we will sent out.
1.All you give us data must be accurate without error,and it is your optometrist told you,not the REF.DATA(Reference Data).
Once you determine the prescription after please don\'t change it.
2.The price include frame +High Index Tinted 1.61 Aspheric Super hard coated single vision lenses.
Prescription Range :
Sphere: -/+0.00~-/+8.00, Cylinder: -/+0.50~-/+2.00.
3.Make sure your prescription was measurement recently.
4.In the prescription,+ (Plus Sign)means presbyopic glasses,- (Minus Sign) means myopia glasses.
5.This glasses is high clear lenses glasses,may be have a few uncomfortable in the beginning.
If you have,Don\'t worry,this is is a normal reation,  you need some days to get used to it.
6.If you want to a plain glasses(zreo-power lenses glasses  ),as decorative,also let me know,thanks.
If you didn\'t send the prescription to us and no contact us within 3 days,we will default to send a plain glasses to you.
100% Brand New and High Quality
Anti Reflective/   Anti Fatigue/Anti Radiation/UV Protection
Match Plain Glasses/Myopia Glasses/Reading Glasses
Luxury Fashion Decoration
 Package included:  
  • 1 Rhinestone Glasses(Includ the lens)
  • 1 Glasses Box
  • Microfiber Lens Cloth
Our colors are: pink, purple, red. Please select a color and tell me
If you didn\'t send the Color to us,We will send you a random color.


  How do I measure my Pupillary Distance (PD)?   
To measure your Pupillary Distance (PD):
1.Place a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose.
2.Have a friend face you about arms length away.
3.Have your friend measure the distance between the center of your pupils (the black dots in the middle of your eyes).
4.Or you can do it yourself simply by looking in the mirror. If you need your glasses on to do this, you can draw dots on the lenses where your 
pupils are (using a magic marker or highlighter); then take the glasses off and measure the distance between them.
  It\'s simple -- like playing connect the dots! 
You can also get this information from your doctor or from a licensed optician.
Take the measurement two or three times to get an average and to guarantee accuracy.
As a guideline:
  • Most adults\' PD\'s are between 55-65.
  • Most kids\' PD\'s are between 42-54.