stereoscopic magnetic induction line demonstrator permanent magnet, electromagnetic field physical experimental equipment

stereoscopic magnetic induction line demonstrator permanent magnet, electromagnetic field physical experimental equipment
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Oписание продукта

Hearts five lines of needle (18 at the needle)
[product name] hearts five lines of needle (18 at the needle)
"English name" HaCiWuXingZhen (PuZhen18Zhen)
18 gauge case 】 【 needle
【 usage and dosage 】
At that point in treatment 1, first apply the right amount of cream, the five elements of the gross weight are better than one tu, repeatedly daub, make the hair on the skin, then the thumb and forefinger and middle finger knead a needle, squeezing flat, the gas discharge, put on the skin, make the magnetic palace and surrounding skin perfectly, let go. Needle after take off, pinch flat needle, gently remove hard pull don\'t directly, in case of damage to the skin. Each point of the needle for 15 minutes, 1 ~ 2 times a day, 10 days for a period of treatment. The second course can be appropriately extended time of acupuncture.
2, the foot was to wash feet with warm light salt water before. After each needle to hearts five lines of needle rub-up, then set aside. To promote blood cycle, want to drink water before shi pin, had better drink magnetized water, in order to reduce the blood viscosity, promote the blood circulation in acupuncture body relax, relax down from the top of the head, face, head, neck and shoulders, arms and relax hand, fingers, and chest, back, waist, hips, thighs, legs and toes pointed, top-down relaxation time 1 ~ 3, and then do abdominal breathing, inhale drum abdomen, exhale, belly in, do 5 ~ 10 times. Gradually increase the number of deep breathing, improve the ability of oxygen.
Every "of the 3, excessive increases oxygen with preserving" in accordance with the instruction of page 13 "cardio-cerebral aerobic treatment." Acupuncture point choose when you repeat. When used in large, medium and small needle can be selected according to body surface area size, with a large needle area is large, the area is small with a small needle, large, medium, small size, and the curative effect of tiny needles are the same. Micro needle used for thin part of the fingers, toes and nose, ear, eye and other small parts, also suitable for young children.
Line 4, and in the hearts of five needle treatment method, with the cross stitch refers to, 2 horizontal refers to, or five horizontal refers to, is refers to the distance between the magnetic magnetic palace and the palace.