1PC Hot Sale MDB RS232 Bill Acceptor Validator Adapter With English Manual

1PC Hot Sale MDB RS232 Bill Acceptor Validator Adapter With English Manual
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MDB-RS232 adapter box with BV20 Bill acceptor / bill validator

MDB to PC development kits, economical development sets

Packing list:

  • 1pcs BV20 Bill acceptor
  • 1pcs BV20 PC progarmmer (for serial communicate and currency update and programming)
  • 1pcs BV20 MDB adapter box (then BV20 would be MDB interface)
  • 1pcs MDB-RS232 adapter box for MDB to PC RS232 connection

Very Important note before order:

1. BV20 has 72mm and 66mm version ,and This order is for 72mm version BV20 (not 66mm) 

(Before order,please must check by yourself that 72mm can be used for your currency)

2. This is a used bv20 (second hand), not 100% new bv20, But it is 90% new, also every unit is tested  and fully working properly before shipping

​3. This bill acceptor is better for test project, MDB interface test, project research or simple vending or game machine.

4. Before order, please must go to http://www.innovative-technology.com to check if the BV20 can support your currency of your country.

5. All parts pictures are for reference. because the newest designed adapter box maybe looks a little different

6. Because BV20 Bill acceptor can be updated the currency data with PC programmer,so we will attach one set PC programmer, buyer need to update the currency by yourself. (So before order, you also need to go to ITL website to know more and must be sure that you have the ability or enough knowledge to do this technical jobs and test and update the BV20 in your side with pc programmer) 

Recommended Applications

- Amusement machines e.g. kiddie rides,video games, pool tables etc
- Low value vending machines e.g.hot/cold drinks, medical items,newspapers, shoe shining etc.



MDB-RS232 adapter box:


BV20 Bill Acceptor/ Bill Validator
(Must be noted again, for this order, this BV20 is not a new ,but a used device. if you want to buy a new BV20, please go to other link. of course, this BV20 is already tested fully in our side for working with RMB currency)
1. The most smallest size of bill acceptor.
2. Just 3 seconds to receive the bills
3. Without stacker.


ITL Interface MDB adapter box


 Bill insertion  4-way Acceptance
 Acceptance Rate  99.8% or more
 Interface   Pulse, Rs232, MDB, BINAR,SIO, Parallel,
 CC Talk, USB
 Power Sources  DC 12V
 Environment Range  Operating Temperature: 3°C~ 50°C
 Humidity: 5%~95% RH (no condensation)
 Bill box capacity  without stacker
 Weight  Approx. 0.3 kg (shipping)

What is the difference BV20 MDB adapter box with the WAFER MDB-RS232 Adapter box ?

ITL BV20 MDB adapter box,that is used to connect to the BV20 adapter box and then BV20 bill acceptor will have the MDB interface outside. because BV20 support several output type,but each type we need to use different cable or adapter box.

WAFER MDB-RS232 adapter box, that is used to convert the MDB interface payment device to RS232 port,then you can use the PC com port to connect to the MDB payment device to control and communicate with the MDB payment device.

Some customers maybe have questions: BV20 already have the SSP interface (RS232 serial interface ) and can be connected to the PC com port directly , then why we still need WAFER MDB-RS232 adapter box ?

Actually WAFER MDB-RS232 can be used to connect any MDB payment device (bill acceptor,coin validator, cashless payment device ) to RS232 interface main board (PC or android board or PLC ) .So WAFER MDB-RS232 not only can be used for BV20, but also can be used for all the MDB interface payment device. We select BV20 , just because BV20 is cheaper MDB payment device,so that is very good for the beginner to test with WAFER MDB-RS232 to understand MDB protocal .