50GNWQ15 15 1.5 Cutting Sewage Pump Automatic Waste Water Pump Sewage Pump 220V 1500W Small Household Septic Tank Sewage Pump

50GNWQ15 15 1.5 Cutting Sewage Pump Automatic Waste Water Pump Sewage Pump 220V 1500W Small Household Septic Tank Sewage Pump
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(MP/MD-120R) 220V China Made AC Power Corrosion Resistant Waste Water Pump For Waste Treatment



       Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump is crystallization in the hi-tech field of magnetic pump. It combines many years of efforts of our designers, which also contains the highest technical content among various magnetic pumps.
MP magnetic pump has a unique design with stylish appearance. In particular, its bearing adopts ceramic material with special formula, bringing about extremely strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Thus we\'ve gone out of the forbidden area of "No Loading" for magnetic pump to ensure its leading position and safety.




1.Chemical industry: sodium carbonate (hydrochloric acid, hypochlorite, secondary chemicals production); The production of fluoride and chemical fertilizers; Circulation of reaction liquid in gas absorption tower; Oil refining (sulfuric acid); Recovery and regeneration system of waste acid; Transportation of strong acids between chemical plants and vehicles.

2.Pharmaceutical industry: semiconductor light-emitting chemicals (EL), pesticide, medicine, water treatment chemicals production.

3.Electroplating industry: loop filtering all kinds of plating solution.

4.Photo industry: instant camera system; X-ray films, black and white, color, three-dimensional picture of sun.

5.Electrical appliance industry: the production of electrolytic capacitor (erosion of aluminum film); Batteries and battery manufacturing process of transporting electrolyte; Circuit board etching; High

purity chemical liquid semiconductor manufacturing process.

6.Metal industry: alumina film processing equipment; Wire drawing, degreasing and pickling steel rolling; Vehicle degreasing and pickling treatment before painting; Titanium oxide, the production of rare earth elements, etc.

7.Mining industry: metal melting (transportation and circulation of electrolyte); The washing processing waste industry.

8.Food industry: the production of glucose acid (hydrochloric acid); Extraction of edible oil (sulfuric acid); Canned fruit industry (hydrochloric acid).

9.Medical treatment: hemodialyzer, heart and lung, ultrasonic cleaning machines and all kinds of medical equipment.

10.Water treatment: cleaning ion exchange resins; Pure water production equipment; Seawater desalination equipment.

11.Pollution control, sewage treatment chemicals is added to the liquid cylinder; Collecting and transporting waste liquid; Waste gas absorption equipment (deodorization device, discharge waste gas desulfurization)

12.Other: application in silver recovery, chip production, experimental factory, ice machine, drink machine, boiler, heat exchanger, the solar system, bleaching, laser systems and other fields or fountain, pond, ornamental fish tank to recycle.












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