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Oписание продукта

Y-SOLAR MPPT 40A Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V Auto LCD Max 100V Input Solar Regulator High Efficiency Four Stage Charging EMC


MT4010 MPPT solar controllers adopt MPPT control arithmetic, which can noteworthy improves the use efficiency of solar system energy due to the capacity of quickly tracking the maximum power point in any environments. Magic series MPPT solar charge controllers also adopt the RS485 communication protocol, which can maximum meets the monitoring demand, can be wisely used for solar telecom base station, solar BTS, solar household system, solar street lamp system and solar monitoring systems.



Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency 99.9%, conversion efficiency up to 98%

Real-time display the operational data and working status of the controller in digital, graphic and textual forms by a large LCD

AGM,Gel &Liquid battery to choose

Two navigation buttons, easy to implement various operations

12V/24V automatic recognition,

Temperature compensation,

Perfect EMC design

Four stage charge way: MPPT, boost, equalization, float

Full automatic electronic protect function


Parameter Table:

System Voltage 12V/24V automatical recognization
Max Charging Current 40A
MPPT Charging Voltage <14.5/29.0V@25°C
Boost Voltage 14.5/29.0V @25°C
Equal voltage 14.8/29.6V @25°C(Liquid)
Float Voltage 13.7/27.4V @25°C
Low Volt. Disconnect 10.8~11.8V/21.6~23.6V,SOC1~5
Reconnect Voltage 11.6~12.8V/23.2~25.6V
Overcharge Protect 15.5/31.0V
Max volt on Bat. terminal 35V
Temp. Compensation -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equal), -3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Battery Type Liquid, Gel, AGM
Max volt on PV terminal 100V
Max input power 520/1040W
Dusk/Dawn detect volt. 8.0/16.0V
MPPT tracking range (Battery Voltage + 1.0V)~ Voc*0.9
Load Output Current 30A
Work mode Standard, D2D, Street lamp, User-defined mode
Max tracking efficiency >99.9%
Max charge conversion 98.00%
Dimensions(mm) 189*255*69
Self consumption 7mA
Ambient temperature -20 ~ +55°C
Storage temperature -25 ~ +80°C
Ambient humidity 0 ~ 100%RH
Protection degree IP32
Max Altitude 4000m


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