3d printer parts Opensource OX CNC plate aluminum plate

3d printer parts Opensource OX CNC plate aluminum plate
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Oписание продукта






   GK Mill X




   260 × 260 × 260mm

   Working Area

   130× 90 × 40mm


   T8 Chrome Screw /Lead 8

   Optical Axis

   M8 Chrome Hard Optical Axis

   Spindle Motor

   DC12V 8000r/min  Φ36mm*93mm  ShaftΦ3.17*11mm

   Engraving Instruction


   Packag Weight


   Communication Interface

   MiniUSB Interface

   Control Board

   MC.GRBL2 / MiniCNC

   Stepper Motor

   1.3A 42 Stepper Motor

   Power Choice

   12V 5A Above

   Software Support

   (CNC)CandleCNC USB Controller / (Laser)GKCAMCandle


   CE , FCC , FDA





1. Make of Aluminum material,durable and solid,Adjustable focal length, to wood carving, you can use the NC and so on.
2. Main purpose: wooden plaque engraving, laser engraving, PCB sculpture, acrylic sculpture.
3. Equipped with constant-current driver board ensure stable output optical power,low heat no external driver board needed,easy to use.


Here is an affficial link for you to get the instruction and the software of the GK Mill X.


Package Included:

1 Set X GK Mill X CNC Engraver(Unassemble).





1. What should I do if the carving works are uneven?


Due to various reasons such as assembly, machining error, and shape of the machined material,the problem of incomplete engraving may occur when engraving the product. The easiest way is to use a straight knife to mill a plane before processing.


2, How to fix the product?


Thick plates can be fixed with pressure plates or vise, and the plates are usually fixed with hot melt adhesive.


3. What materials can be carved by this machine?


The machine can engrave PVC board, electric wood board, PCB copper clad board, plexiglass acrylic board, seal stone, wood, wood and other non-metallic materials, soft metal, not suitable for carving steel, iron plate and other ferrous metals.


4. How to process more standard products?


The accuracy of the product is related to the precision of the machine screw, the tool, the machining speed and the depth of the lower knife. We recommend that the GK MILL X processing speed should not exceed 1800mm/min, the spindle speed should not be less than 5000 rpm, and the non-metal undercut depth is not More than 0.5mm each time, the metal undercut depth does not exceed 0.05mm each time, the tool diameter is not more than 4mm, the screw pitch pulse and the diagonal of the machine are reasonably finely adjusted, and the special tool can be used to process the product as standard as possible.


5. What kind of tool can GK MILL X use?


Our engraving machine comes with ER11A-3.175 chuck by default, which can be equipped with 4,6mm spring chucks, so the tool holders are 3.175, 4, 6mm.


6. What are the common software of GK MILL X?


The software for general control engraving machine is Candle, Candle is easy to use and suitable for newcomers. USB CNC Controller function is recommended to familiarize yourself and learn slowly. ARTCAM is suitable for embossing, Inkscape is suitable for lettering and simple cutting. We will provide free download for the above software. There may be anti-virus software false positives when installing the software. Please close the relevant anti-virus software.


7. What computer system is required for the engraving machine?


Currently supported systems include Windows XP/Win7/Win8/Win10, and iMac (OS X) software is still being tested.